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Who we are

Life Challenge Assistance (LCA)
is a ministry seeking contact with all Christians who desire to obey Christ regarding the Great Commission and are willing to reach Muslims for Christ in a specific area.
We pray that God may enable us to co-ordinate a network of Christian witness to Muslims all over the continent. We endeavour to help form a work strategy and a resource centre which can supply the needed information, training and tools (literature, audio and video tapes etc.).

Our Purpose

The purpose and aim of Life Challenge Assistance (LCA) is to challenge and motivate the evangelical Christians of Africa, individually and collectively, in the churches, missions and parachurch organisations of Sub-Sahara Africa, to extend their evangelistic effort to the Muslim population within their reach. We endeavour to provide all Christians, who are eager and willing to witness to Muslims, with the needed special knowledge and evangelistic tools.

Latest Publications

We are pleased to announce the release of  a new series Christianity and Islam by John Gilchrist.

Consisting of 8 excellent booklets for both evangelism and for learning.

christianity and Islam

01 Millat-a-Ibrahim

01 Millat-a-Ibrahim

  Millat-A-Ibrahim: The True Faith of Abraham by John Gilchrist...
02 Al-Masihu

02 Al-Masihu

Al-Masihu-Isa: The Glory of Jesus The Messiah by John Gilchrist...
03 NuzuliIsa

03 Nuzul-i-Isa

  Nuzul-I-Isa: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ by John...
04 The Uniqueness of Jesus

04 The Uniqueness of Jesus

 The Uniqueness of Jesus in the Qur’an and the Bible...
05 The Titles of Jesus

05 The Titles of Jesus

06 LoveofGod

06 The Love of God

  The Love of God in the Qur’an and the...
07 The Cross And The Hijrah

07 The Cross And The Hijrah

  The Cross and the Hijrah by John Gilchrist 1....
08 The Temple, the Kaaba and the Christ

08 The Temple, the Ka’aba and the Christ

  The Temple, The Ka’aba, and The Christ by John...

What are Life Challenge Assistance doing?

So, you have heard about the ministry of Life Challenge Assistance (LCA) and want to find out more about what we are actually doing. Great!
Our LCA team wants to support you in reaching out to Muslims.
As a Christian leader you may want to learn more about the Islamic faith, or as a youth pastor you desire training for your people to reach their Muslim friends and neighbours, or you are personally challenged to provide answers to some Muslim who tries to win you over to his side. We are here to assist you!