Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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Backeberg - Fundamentalism

Backeberg – Fundamentalism

Backeberg, Werner Fundamentalism – Muslims differ widely from Evangelicals IMER,...
Azumah - My Neighbors Faith

Azumah – My Neighbors Faith

Azumah, John. My Neighbours Faith, Islam Explained for Christians. WordAlive,...
Wijsen & Frans - Seeds of Conflict

Wijsen & Frans – Seeds of Conflict

Wijsen, Frans and Bernadin Mfumbusa. Seeds of Conflict – Religious...
Tibenderana - Islamic Fundamentalism

Tibenderana – Islamic Fundamentalism

Tibenderana, Kazenga P., Islamic Fundamentalism – The Quest for the...
Sookhdeo - Islamist Terrorism

Sookhdeo – Islamist Terrorism

Patrick Sokhdeo: Understanding Islamic Terrorism Pewsey, Wiltshire: Isaac Publishing, 2004...
Ronzani - What Christians + Muslims should know

Ronzani – What Christians + Muslims should know

Ronzani,R. and P. Onyango-Ajus (Ed.). What Christians should know about...
Robinson - Defying Death

Robinson – Defying Death

Robinson, Stuart with Peter Botross. Defying Death – Zakaria Botross,...
Pouwels - Horn and Crescent

Pouwels – Horn and Crescent

Pouwels, Randall L. Horn and Crescent, Cultural change and Traditional...