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DVD and CD-ROM Resources

LCA’s DVD and CD-ROM resources, with a brief summary of each item


For Teaching

Battle for the Hearts 6-DVD Set

A 12-hour comprehensive course on understanding Islam, Apologetics and outreach to Muslims. Practitioners present and discuss the individual topics in a studio panel, interviews with international experts give detailed background information for a deeper understanding, and video clips help to visualize complex issues. An exciting course that can be used for self-study, as part of presentations in seminars, or as a guide for training sessions in a mission team. The accompanying booklet helps to find the individual topics and gives additional questions for discussion. This excellent training tool should not be missed in any team that attempts to reach out to Muslims. Available also in French.

A Tough Assignment

Gerhard Nehls, the founder of Life Challenge Africa, tells the story of his life and the beginning of LCA in an interview. Personal insights into his rich experiences make this presentation a valuable experience to watch.

Mission to Muslims Impossible?

Five talks on Muslim Evangelism by Walter and Christel Eric. A good introduction to the background of Islam and fruitful ways how Christians can share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their Muslim friends.

Salvation was Difficult for Me

A challenging interview with a former Hafiz from the Sudan. Having grown up in a Muslim family and memorized the Qur’an as a boy, God had his unique way with this young man to draw him to an understanding of the Gospel. The biblical concept of salvation seemed too easy for him; therefore it was difficult to accept. Watch amazed how in the end the grace of God still prevailed!

The Islam Debate

A historic recording of a public debate between the famous South-African Muslim apologist Ahmad Deedat and Josh McDowell about the question: “Was Christ crucified?” Even though debated and recorded in 1981, the topic and the arguments still represent what many Muslims today think and how we can approach this topic with them.

Women in Islam

A seminar about understanding women in Islam, their background, their situation, their challenges and joys. An most of all practical ways to reach them with the love of Jesus Christ.

Chronological Bible Storytelling

This seminar explains the way how oral communicators learn best and how telling the

stories of the Bible in a chronological way is the best method suitable for sharing the Gospel for many people around the world, including most Muslims.

For evangelistic purposes

More than Dreams

Five dramatic movies about Muslims from different parts of the Islamic World who were drawn on an exciting journey of encountering Jesus Christ. A dream somehow always played an important role, but in the end the journey is about much more than just a dream. They found a personal relationship with their Creator! The individual parts use the native language of these people (Arabic, Hausa, Farsi etc). But through the English or French subtitles one can easily follow.

Jesus Film for Children

The story of the life of Jesus as a group of children experience it. Most of the content is taken from the well-known Jesus-Film, enriched with new scenes that capture the amazing discovery of these youngsters. The DVD has various language versions (English, French, Malagasy, Arabic, Somali, Swahili and Amharic).


The Jesus Film particularly for women. The story of the life of Jesus is portrayed from the perspective of Mary from Magdala, a woman who experienced a dramatic transformation in her life by encountering the love and acceptance of Jesus even for someone like her. The DVD has various language versions (English, French, Arabic, Portugese Brazil).


LCA Resource CD

A collection of most of the LCA publications as PDF or Word documents. In addition, there are unpublished papers as well as PowerPoint presentations for teaching about Islam and outreach to Muslims. A wealth of resources that will benefit people in practical outreach as well as those involved in teaching and research.

Learn and Share

The popular distance learning course with PDF-files on CD-ROM. The twenty issues contain articles on Islamics, apologetics, communications, comparisons, testimonies and suggestions for witnessing. An ideal tool for self-study.

Chronological Bible Storytelling

An ideal addition to the DVD with the seminar on CBS. Much background information is given that help to better understand the method. Included is the workbook by Christel Eric.

Middle East Resources

The collected works of Bassam Madany, many helpful articles about understanding Muslims and ways how to share the Gospel with them.

Answering Islam

A selection of articles from the most extensive Christian website on Christian-Muslim apologetics.

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