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Evangelistic Resources

LCA’s evangelistic resources, with a brief summary of each item

Evangelistic Series of Booklets

One God – One Message 50-80 pages each A brand-new series of eight booklets that take the reader on a journey to discover the mystery of the message of the Bible. The author answers tough questions and strengthens the faith in this greatest of all messages. During the course of this spiritual journey the reader discovers step by step how God revealed himself throughout the Old Testament and finally in the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Interspersed with quotes from emails of Muslims from around the world, this series takes up old as well as contemporary questions and objections Muslims voice. It provides well-thought-through answers and beautiful descriptions of spiritual truths that are fascinating to read even for Christians who think they have heard it all. Each booklet closes with some questions for reflection. They can be given out to Muslims individually or used as a correspondence course.

Evangelistic Booklets

Al-Kitab A5 size, 78 pages A correspondence course on the Bible and its teaching specially designed for the Muslim enquirer. In 18 lessons evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible is being presented, backed up by a devotional outline of its content. In addition, a presentation is given of the life of Jesus, the Gospel, and the “people of the Book”, the followers of Christ. (Available in English/Arabic electronic version as well.)

Dear Abdallah A5 size, 46 pages You will thoroughly enjoy the message, style, and power of persuasion in these ten fictitious letters to “Abdallah” (Servant of Allah) which are signed by “Theophilus” (Loved by God). This booklet is an example that presenting the Gospel to Muslims can be done in an inoffensive way, understanding their religious ideas and disarming Islamic arguments in a loving yet factual and knowledgeable manner.

Let the Bible Speak for Itself

A6 size, 34 pages There is a stream of polemic Islamic publications that seeks to discredit the Bible in every conceivable manner. This booklet encourages serious Muslims not to ignore the response of Christians who do not accept the allegations of Muslims about the corruption of the Bible. It presents many good reasons for trusting the Bible. At least the Muslim should allow the Bible to speak for itself by reading it objectively. A plan for a two- month “Journey into the Bible” is attached that helps a Muslim to get started.

The Message A6 size, 38 pages If Jesus indeed was a messenger sent by God Almighty, what then was the message he was sent with? Muslims do well to consider the words of Jesus, the Messiah, as presented in this booklet, quoting extensively from the Gospel records with brief connecting thoughts. Muslims may turn to this book out of curiosity, but soon find themselves urged to follow the path of evidenced truth.

Comparing, Confusing, Considering, Concluding A6 size, 24 pages Any eager student will be keen to compare his own faith with the claims of others. We begin with a look at the Qur’an that positively confirms the divine origin of the bible and shows the excellence of Jesus. This may come to some readers as a suprise. We then discover the divine and extra- biblical evidence with altogether verifies the truth of the Bible. This booklet is meant to prepare the way for other evangelistic booklets.

Destination Unknown A6 size, 14 pages The Islamic concept of predetermination, which negates any kind of free will on the side of man, is compared with the free grace of God offered to us in the Gospel. The often shocking revelations in this booklet have a powerful message shattering all our romantic self-complacency. Assurance of salvation comes as a precious gift to those who long to know God personally.

Purpose and Aim A6 size, 10 pages The question of life and its meaning has been implanted by the Creator into man to cause him to seek divine guidance on his journey through life. The Gospel is just that: God’s way to show man the way home and enable him to live a life pleasing to his Lord.

A Testimony to the Truth of the Holy Writings A6 size, 31 pages This striking testimony of a high-ranking Afghan Muslim scholar has not lost its tremendous strength though it dates back about 100 years. By intense involvement in both public debate and personal comparative studies of the Qur’an and Hadith (Traditions) with the claims of the Bible, this courageous seeker submits to the Truth thus finding forgiveness and peace in Jesus Christ. A long-time favourite.


The Storyteller A series of five tracts, each one with a story from a Middle Eastern setting. The stories are time-less and take the Muslim reader into a situation from every-day life that catches the attention quickly. As the stories unfold, an important aspect of the Gospel is being introduced in a non-threatening way. An excellent tool for a broad sowing of the seed of the Gospel.

What Do You Think of the Messiah? A compelling presentation of the uniqueness of the Messiah Jesus in ten brief sections. The tract presents the wonderful birth of the Messiah, his character, titles, victory over death, and so much more. A most dynamic message.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Many Muslims believe Islam to be the cleanest religion. However, bodily hygiene is much easier to maintain than achieving God’ standard of a pure heart. Only people with a pure heart can see God.

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Know the Book This simple tract presents a logical point-by-point approach why anybody should be eager to read God’s Book for himself. An offer for a free copy of “Let the Bible Speak for Itself” is included.

The Finger of God The thought of receiving a message written by the very finger of God might first appear perplexing or even frightening, but it is hoped to be a sobering contemplation for the reader.

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