LCA Mission Focus

Facilitating and Partnering in Outreach to Muslims

The focus of our ministry is:

❖ Developing quality resources (print & electronic media) ❖ Providing research and information on relevant issues ❖ Offering specific in-depth training ❖ Mobilizing Christians to share God’s love with Muslims in their day-to-day


LCA Mission Focus

Life Challenge Assistance is a ministry that is uniquely focused and passionately committed to motivate, train, and network with churches, individuals, and other ministries to present the Gospel in an appropriate way to Muslims. We see ourselves as a facilitator and partner in this effort to obey the Great Commission in our time and in the context in which many Muslims live.

Originally founded in South Africa during the late 1970s, LCA now functions as an assistance network throughout the continent of Africa and beyond. It is a ministry of SIM International and operates under the Ministry Development Team.

The African Reality

Our continent is home to some 400 million Muslims today, with over half of these living south of the Sahara. In many countries in Southern and East Africa they form a significant minority, while in others, and especially in West Africa, Islam has become the dominant religion. Although all across Africa there are significant numbers of Christians, the relationship between Christians and Muslims leaves much to be desired. Not many Christians have a close Muslim friend and are familiar with the names, beliefs, and values of their Muslim neighbours. Not many do intentionally seek to communicate the Gospel in word and deed.

Often Christians are either ignorant of their Muslim neighbours or afraid of them. In other places relations are marked by repeated eruptions of violence, resulting in great loss, bitterness, and even greater isolation between communities. In many geographical areas there are entire ethnic groups that are dominated by Islam and that do not have an indigenous church, often not even individual believers in Christ.

Mobilizing and Training

Through Seminars and our media tools, LCA has mobilized and equipped thousands of believers in Christ to overcome ignorance and fear, and to meet Muslims with love and confidence. We are called to do so in 1 Peter 3:15:

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you about the reason of the hope that you have; but do it with gentleness and respect.”

The Training & Resource Center (TRC) in Nairobi has an excellent collection of books, magazines, videos and DVDs, and internet research tools, all designed to help pastors, students, and any interested follower of Christ to learn more about Islam and Muslims. Seminars in churches and organizations create awareness for the need to reach out and provide the basic training to be able to relate to Muslims in a loving way. Specialized weekend training modules bring together experienced workers to discuss and deepen the understanding of particular challenges.

Through community projects and personal friendships with Muslims we have been involved in ministry for many years right here. The Daughters of Abraham Network (DoA) unites Christian women in their desire to meet Muslim women and introduce them to the best gift available: a relationship with Jesus Christ. We also offer individual consultancy to churches and organizations regarding outreach to Muslims.

International Network

Even though LCA began as an initiative to challenge the Christians and churches in Africa, in the last years it has developed into an international network that goes beyond the continent of Africa. As a part of the international structure of SIM and with a unique focus on providing quality resources for outreach to Muslims, LCA is available to network with teams worldwide in the task of mobilizing and training God’s people for outreach to those who have not heard the Gospel yet, particularly the many Muslims.

For further information, contact:

Walter Gschwandtner Life Challenge Assistance P.O. Box 50770 Nairobi – 00200 Kenya




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