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Trainers Textbooks for Muslim Evangelism (3 volumes)

TT1: Islam: Basic Aspects

rev. 2005, 173 pages A very comprehensive, well-documented textbook on most aspects of Islamic faith and practice, critically evaluated and compared with the Biblical teaching. An invaluable resource for any Islamics teacher, college lecturer, or serious student in comparative religion.

TT2: The Christian – Islamic Controversy

rev. 2006, 132 pages This apologetic resource volume contrasts Biblical and Islamic foundations of faith. It presents effective answers to the Islamic allegations against the Bible, Christian faith, and doctrine. Find answers to perplexing issues such as “Is Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?”, “Is Christianity based on pagan origins?”, “Do Christians believe in inherited sin?” and many others.

TT3: Practical and Tactical Approach

rev. 2006, 144 pages Rather than promoting cheap methods, this volume helps you understand the basic principles in Muslim evangelism about communication, culture, spiritual warfare, and evangelism itself. It also suggests a workable strategy that can be applied in almost any given situation in many situations. Well over a dozen parables and illustrations designed to help you in bringing home lessons of spiritual significance make this textbook a real storehouse.

More Training Materials

Reach Out: What every Christian needs to know about Islam and Muslims

rev. 2006, 115 pages A concise and easy to follow introduction into the topics that one encounters in reaching out to Muslims. Historical origin of Islam, faith and practice of Muslims, some of the main objections Muslims have and ways how one can share the Gospel – all this provides a tool that no student and worker among Muslims should miss.

Premises and Principles of Muslim Evangelism 1991/200, 127 pages This workbook by Gerhard Nehls contains valuable principles about Muslim evangelism from the founder of Life Challenge Africa. It is a summary of many years of ministry among Muslims and training countless workers for the task of sharing the Gospel with Muslims. It invites the reader to reflect deeply about the underlying issues in our outreach and dares to ask some difficult questions.

Sharing the Message through Storytelling

1996/2009, 152 pages By LaNette W. Thompson. Sharing the message of the Bible through teaching stories that lead the listeners through the Scripture in a chronological way is a powerful way of communicating the Gospel that everyone can apply. The book gives an introduction into the method and contains outlines for 52 stories.

Chronological Bible Storytelling

2000, 67 pages By Christel Eric. A methodology for presenting the Gospel to oral communicators and unreached people groups. This workbook provides additional information about this method that has become popular around the world.

Facing the Muslim Challenge

1999/2002, 158 pages By John Gilchrist. In this handbook of Christian- Muslim apologetics the author draws on his long experience of meeting Muslims personally and talking with them about some of the most difficult issues objections that many Muslims voice against the Christian faith. Helpful arguments together with a lot of background information about the integrity of the Bible, the doctrine of the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus, the alleged prophecies about Muhammad in the Bible, and the Gospel of Barnabas make this book a valuable tool.

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

2003, 160 pages By John Gilchrist. This handbook for Bible-based Muslim evangelism takes the reader on a journey through the Bible, pointing out ways of effectively witnessing to Muslims. The basic approach is to compare stories about the prophets that are contained in both, the Bible as well as the Qur’an, and study these stories together with a Muslim friend in both books. As differences appear, opportunities arise to explain crucial aspects of the Gospel.

Muhammad – the Prophet of Islam

1994/2003, 142 pages By John Gilchrist. The person of Muhammad fascinates Millions of Muslims and non-Muslims. The author tries to evaluate the life of Muhammad objectively by getting as close to the original sources as possible. As Christians want to share the Gospel with their Muslim friends, they need to have a good understanding of the person whom all Muslims want to emulate.

The Qur’an – the Scripture of Islam

1995/2003, 147 pages By John Gilchrist. This book is written respectfully in regard to the Qur’an, but not without questioning the origins and the manner in which the Scripture of Muslims was collected. The information is based on Islamic sources and tries to grasp the heart and soul of the text. An invaluable source for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of the issue.

Syllabus on Islamics and Witness among Muslims 2004, 60 pages By Stefan Henger. A course for theological programs. With a detailed course outline on three academic levels for theological colleges, with a wealth of suggestions for study assignments and practical assignments. Teachers of courses on Islamics and Christian witness among Muslims will find this syllabus a tremendous help.

Welcome Home – Caring for Converts from Islam 2004, 128 pages By Horst Pietzsch. A practical guide to help Christians and churches who are in contact with new believers from a Muslim background and want to help them through the many challenges they are facing. The author encourages Christians to provide a welcoming atmosphere for such new believers and gives guidelines on how best to help them become mature followers of Christ.

Learn & Share Training Bulletin A distance learning course in the form of a popular magazine that comprises 20 issues. Each issue has articles on Islamics, apologetics, communications, comparison, testimonies and suggestions for witnessing. It is a course that has inspired many Christians towards reaching out in love to their Muslim neighbors.

My Neighbour’s Faith – Islam explained for Christians 2008, 162 pages By John Azumah. The author is from Ghana and has a background of a religiously mixed family, with his relatives being Christians and Muslims. He writes from an African perspective and challenges Christians to approach Muslims in an understanding way, despite many challenges in African societies.

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