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Life Challenge Assistance Network

Since the late 1980s LCA has sought to establish partnerships or “agreements of cooperation” with like- minded individuals and organizations across the continent – and later in India. From 1995 onwards we called these partners together for week-long consultations in Nairobi every 4-5 years (1995, 1999, 2003, 2008), and invited special resource people to serve us (Martin & Elisabeth Goldsmith, Dr. Robert Miner, Georges Houssney). These consultations were always highly appreciated for being quite special: practical, relevant, inspiring and interconnecting.

The LCA network has two hubs, administered by Stefan Henger (francophone West-Africa plus Liberia and Sierra Leone) and Walter Gschwandtner (Nigeria and Ghana, East and Southern Africa plus India). Among our partners are SIM-sponsored offices (in Nairobi, KENYA; Jos, NIGERIA; Accra, GHANA; Blantyre, MALAWI; and Dhakar, SENEGAL) and LCA-related partners (in Kempton Park, SOUTH AFRICA; Dodoma, TANZANIA; Arua, UGANDA; Kigale, RWANDA; Notke, TOGO; Tamale, GHANA; Monrovia, LIBERIA; Free Town, SIERRA LEONE; and New Delhi, INDIA [March 2009]).

You may ask yourself:

What can I benefit from the network? As partners we commit each other to share our ministry news and prayer updates with one another. Walter regularly writes to the partners about new media developments, forwards special articles, and connects with partners on training, conference and seminar opportunities in the various regions. We also organize research and resource assignments, have helped several partners to set up a small in- house printing press (Risograph), at times assist with formatting and if possible printing of literature in certain countries and languages, give consultancy for Ministry to Muslims (M2M), link with prospective supporters, second short-term missionaries, and just try to be of general assistance to see the Gospel go out into the various Muslim Unreached People Groups.

What may I contribute to the network? Naturally we can only pass on what we have received. Thus information on the Christian-Muslim interaction in your area, new resource materials that you found helpful, updates on the actual spread of Islamic impact through literature or other media, NGO’s activities and mosque-/school-proliferation in your country are of interest and concern to us as a ministry. If you want to invite any of our staff as resource people we expect you to do all the preparations and financial resourcing on your side, so we can give the best service in the short time available during our visit to your place.

How can I become a member of the network? Simply share with us what you are doing in regard to M2M and in what ways we might best be of assistance in your work. We will pray about these requests and get back to you as soon as possible to plan ahead together, if the Lord leads both sides in that direction. We believe that unless God opens doors for ministry, our own efforts will be futile and not benefitting the Kingdom of God.

Please get in touch with us, and let’s talk more together:

Life Challenge Assistance Walter Gschwandtner
P.O. Box 50770 Nairobi – 00200



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