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The Training and Resource Centre of LCA is located on the SIM Admin compound in Nairobi on Tigoni Road. It offers a variety of resources for research and self-study. In addition to those who can physically access the centre, it is also beneficial for those who are located far away.

  1. Resources in the TRC The TRC library is made up of several specialized areas:

Computers for internet research. Access to the TRC is available through a modest membership fee on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

  1. TRC Info Mail Every two months the TRC sends out an info mail containing updates about new books that are available in the TRC, and new developments that might be helpful. It contains summaries of books and book reviews from the section about Islam and outreach to Muslims. This kind of information is not only useful for those who can access the library physically, but also for others who want to be kept informed about new books.
  2. LCA Research Update The LCA Research Update is an email that is being sent out approximately every two months to partners in the ministry of reaching Muslims. It addresses in particular the needs of workers who can not physically access the TRC in Nairobi, but who want to

A section containing about 2,500 titles about Islam and outreach to Muslims (among them Islamic publications and standard reference works of Muslim and non-Muslim scholars).

A section consisting of approximately 2,200 general theological books and a special emphasis on urban challenges for the church, including various research papers about the situation in Africa and in particular Kenya.

A selection of theological and missiological journals (like Evangelical Missions Quarterly, International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Missionalia, or Mission Frontiers).

A collection of papers about missions, evangelism, and outreach to Muslims.

A media section with videos, DVDs, and CDs about outreach to Muslims and urban ministry challenges.


Training and Resource Center

Nairobi, Kenya

be kept informed about developments in the area of Islam and outreach to Muslims. The update covers various areas of information:

Book reviews

  1. Access to the secure part of the LCA website In addition to information sent out via email through the LCA Research Update, LCA offers access to the secure part of the LCA website ( This access is through a password that is only given to partners and workers in the ministry of reaching Muslims. The person must be known to LCA or be recommended by a partner of LCA.

The secure part of the LCA website contains a number of the LCA resources and an additional collection of relevant articles about understanding Islam and reaching out to Muslims. The articles can be downloaded directly from the site.

  1. Request for individual research The staff of the TRC is ready to make use of the vast amount of resources that are available. Partners and co-workers in outreach to Muslims can ask for particular information that they are looking for. Passages from specific books can be searched for and answers to particular questions answered. We do not promise to solve all problems, but we are willing to search for answers and forward them to our partners.

Some of the book reviews found on our website and in the LCA Research Update are also found in the review journal “Book Notes for Africa”.

How to get in contact with the TRC

You are welcome to contact us and subscribe free of charge to these services:

LCA Research Update

You can also make use of our other services by:

For enquiries or subscriptions contact us through this address:

The LCA Research Update depends on the participation of co-workers. Contributions of articles, book reviews, information about websites and ministry tools are therefore welcomed.

Developments in the Muslim world

Reviews of articles from missiological journals and relevant websites

Theological, socio-political, apologetic and practical issues regarding Islam

Issues regarding outreach to Muslims

Evaluation of ministry tools

TRC Info Mail

Applying for a password for the secure part of the LCA website

Sending a specific question to make use of the individual research through the TRC staff

Email: Postal address: Training & Resource Center

P.O. Box 50770 Nairobi – 00200 Kenya

Reinhold Straehler, Research Coordinator

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